Monday, December 23, 2013

21st December – Meet our daughter Erin and partner Will @ Verona; our son Gavin & Partner Carri in Bolzano and Alexandre our host in Ortesei.

Train from Milan to Verona then on to Bolzano and finally bus transport to Ortesei

The train to Verona is actually the Milan-Venice train as per last post. Thought I would do the romantic thing and put Julie’s luggage up on the to rack….not a response…ipad and lonely planet ebook is much more attractive after 34 ½ years of marriage! The only excitement was when a gypsy pretended to have Gary and Lyn’s seat and during the kerfuffle nearly had Gary’s wallet out if his zippered pocket!

Met our next contact, our Daughter Erin and partner Will (the Aussie Pom) on the Verona train platform.
Erin (what's with the Russian hat) and Will
They had come from London via Paris on the train.. The leg to Bolzano was less eventful. Matin got to travel 1st class courtesy of his mum finding a cheap online ticket for him. I tried the luggage thing again but found the racks were not as large as the previous one so I had to battle against the tide of passengers to get them into the end compartment. Accidentally bumped an old Italian woman who was not amused. I was careful not to crush her fur coat when I placed my backpack in said rack. There is something about Italian trains. Boarding and finding luggage spots can be chaotic. Some may find life  partners but many just et annoyed…especially if you forgot the certify your ticket before boarding. I usually plead ignorance and have yet to be fined.

At Bolzano we meet the final member of our travelling party, our Son Gavin and girlfriend Carrie. 

Gavin (what's with the Russian Hat!)...perhaps we had a
Russian connection as Erin and gavin's Grandmother was
given a Russian name - Olga as well as a grand aunt Rita.
Carrie - thankfully those bags aren't hers :)

They had come down from Austria where they had had a running start on the skiing (actually boarding). We partake in the Bolzano railway station café Xmas special coffee (basically an expresso in a big cup and smothered by whipped cream, nuts, chocolate) Julie took an extra cholesterol pill after drinking it..

So on to Ortesei on a private bus. Our next connection was the lovely host of the Pra Parmer hotel, our hosts for the next week.
Alexandre our Pra Parmer host
Lyn, Gary, Julie and I were humorously referred to as the ‘seniors’ and got the superior rooms overlooking the ski field. Rest of the day organising ski stuff. Julie and Lyn found a cheap shoe shop to buy their winter shoes. I was looking for moon boots like I had in Austria 32 years ago…great  for working on the ice.
Fashion statement

Now when I walked into the restaurant with my new purchase you would think I was wearing a paisley shirt and flared pants. Much mirth from our travelling party…the moon boots will get their revenge if we happen to get a big dump of snow this week!

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