Thursday, December 26, 2013

25th December - Xmas Day Jo arrives a day late; in time to meet Sleigh man

Christmas day is for recovering here, starting a bit rainy but a promise of heavy snow later on. Will’s last day so Gavin and he are up the mountain despite the rain. The rest of us wander around the town and relax awaiting for our evening dinner at Gostner Schwaige, which is up in the snow and only accessible by sleigh.

We are also waiting for Jo to arrive from London.
Jo arrives after 30+ hour trip from London...
Jo is doing a stint in London as most young Aussies do. Jo is the daughter of friends Geoff and Noelene, who we will meet later in this trip. We were expecting Jo last night but storms in London and chaos at Gatwick, no tube etc.. meant that Jo only arrived late this afternoon after an expensive cab ride to Gatwick to find her flight had been delayed for 6 hours and then when it did go would only accept passengers with carry-on. Hence an unscheduled night in a hotel then had to book another flight to Milan…but from Heathrow…another expensive cab ride, the an uneventful flight to Milan, taxi to train station, train to Bolzano, bus to Ortesei, just in time to meet our taxi and then sleigh ride to the restaurant…what a trooper!

Sleigh Man ... actually two sleighs and not so Santa
looking Santa's drove 12 of us to the restaurant in
heavy snow.
The 'reindeer' must have had a smelly exhaust....
too much for Lyn and Gary
Gavin and Carri... Santas little helpers...
Two other short acquaintances…the two Santa Sleighmen and the restauranteur … schnapps man (25 secret herbs apparently)…but also the best meal to date…
Hay soup...

Some of the Xmas crew.... see Jo on the right trying to
prise her eyes open after for long trip!

Night finished with Secret Santa. Julie was my secret Santa, which I didn’t guess that I had carried my own present over from Oz!

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