Thursday, December 26, 2013

December 24th - Skiing and European Xmas we meet the Carol singers in the square

Erin and Carri...upright
Another exhausting skiing/boarding day. Will is only here till tomorrow so he and Gavin have been trying to cover the whole valley. Beginner snowboarders doing well.

Xmas eve dinner the tradition here so after going to Xmas carols in the square a 5 course traditional Tyrolean dinner at a local restaurant.
Xmas Carols in the Square
Will and Julie waiting to go in for Xmas eve dinner

Side Bar - Me and Nelson Mandela Look alikes? I don't think so!

The first time it happened was after a twitpic was posted of me from a conference presentation and a former work colleague commented on email that it looked like Nelson Mandela. Then on Mandela's passing there were more comments, first my Daughter Erin, then my Aunty May on a skype call and most recently the waiter at the restaurant that we were having our Xmas eve dinner. At the dinner I was demonstrating to our party my new video camera sun glasses. I was showing them the zoom, wide angle and panning features when he made the comment, much to the amusement of everyone. you can see the results here. The video is terrible (no good in low light) but the audio is ok.

Really?...but I could think of worse people to be compared with :)

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