Thursday, January 16, 2014

15th January 2014 – Early Morning Float then Masada and then to the Holy City Jerusalem

We had been dreading this moment all trip…a dip in the Dead Sea in the middle of winter. We had warmed up with a float in heated Dead Sea water in the hotel last night, but this was 7:30 am in the unheated Sea. As it turned out it was a great morning and the Sea was no cooler than the Ocean at home in Summer. Have a look at us floating around on this video as the “Dead Sea Scrollers”.

Fooling around in the Dead Sea

We head off to Masada, the famous “Jews last stand” against the Romans. This is real desert country and here were the Romans looking to remove less than 1,000 Jews from the top of a mountain plateau fort established in the times of King Herod. In the end the Romans succeeded with the remaining Jews deciding on mass suicide, rather  than capture. The Romans had to spend 3 years building a ramp to the top…you would hardly think it was worth the effort. Looking forward to getting the Masada movie starring Peter O’Toole.

Herod's Fort

Moder day "Warriors" :)

Where the Romans had to camp

Dead Sea

We also call in for a walk in the National Park of En Gedi which is an oasis in this desert. This is winter and the temperatures in the low 20s .

Oasis tramping
A rarity in the desert

Finally the much anticipated arrival in Jerusalem in the early evening.

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