Tuesday, January 21, 2014

19th January – Walk the walls of Jerusalem then off to Jordan

We wisely decide to split up for our last morning in Jerusalem. The boys will continue to take in the culture and sights from the vantage point of the surrounding wall ramparts and then to the Archaeological park. The girls look to grow their VAT savings by going shopping.

The boys get some good photos from the wall into the old city and out to the new city.

Armenian Church from the Ramparts

Western Wall and Temple Mount

Archeological Park

Lots of military presence in the old city

The girls get shopping bags.

We leave Israel with a new appreciation for both the pleasures and challenges that it offers. Jerusalem in particular is iconic for anyone who attended Sunday school as a child and listened to the story of Christmas. For me it was a little like my first trip to London…a place that I had grown up hearing about and then when I finally get there, its surreal.

Lots of security checks at the airport. The Israelis clearly are advanced in security measures (and probably with good reason). While waiting for our short flight to Jordan, Geoff, Gary and I reflect over the map of Israel, with its zone A, B and Cs indicating the different Palestinian areas scattered across the map. It look unworkable and we fail to come up with a solution for the middle east crises (not for the first time :) ). 

The girls go shopping again.

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