Saturday, January 18, 2014

18th January 2014 – Quiet day wandering around Old Jerusalem then Geoff’s surprise big birthday celebrations

View of Jerusalem from the top of the museum
We are now on our own so we decide to spend the day strolling through the Old City. First stop is the Tower of David museum for a full history of Jerusalem. It is long since as it is the second oldest city in the world, dating back to 3000 BC. Just about everyone has had a go at conquering Jerusalem …. most succeeded. Its all a bit hard to take in when your home country has a recorded history of less than some of the conqueror’s shortest stays of a few hundred years.

We spend the rest of the day just walking the alleyways and markets of the old city. Despite many invitations, we avoid buying any more artefacts. 

Marketplace wares...

This wouldn't sell well back home

Spice mountain

Mount Strawberry

The Damascus Gate. This is the reference point for mileage calculations from Jerusalem to anywhere
else in the world. As you can see there are many people here waiting to start their journeys (just joking)

The diversity of hat ware we have seen here helps us pass the time as we compete to photograph the weirdest hats we see.

These were strongest contenders for the most distinctive hats award...

But in the end this guy won the award for its uniqueness. We didn't see anyone else with
a hat anything like this!
The evening is reserved for Geoff’s surprise 60th birthday. Wife Noelene had cleverly reserved the restaurant for the eight of us, and had them also make the cake. His birthday coincides with the day Armenians celebrate Christmas, so Geoff takes the opportunity to leak a secret he has kept for 60 years …. he is actually the Armenian Messiah! We have a wonderful dinner and then retire to the hotel lounge for the premiere release of a testimonial video I had produced, which I have now renamed “The Life of the Armenian Messiah” (Video).

The Messiah and wife Noelene

Sidebar - Shopping wait time predictor update

Today is Sabbath so most of the shops were closed. Of course there is always window shopping. We notice that we need to extend our formulation to include a 50% (may be tuned over time) discount if the shop is shut:

Wt = S(N*T1/F)

Where Wt = Predicted Wait Time
N = number of women in group
T = mean time for a single one woman visit
F = Fudge Factor for Group Trust

S = 1, if shop open; S = 0.5, if shop closed

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