Friday, January 3, 2014

1st January 2014 – We meet a Wheat Geneticist at the Laundromat.

New Year’s day morning and we are not expecting much to be happening. Italians’ are slow starters at the best of times so we suspect that on New Years day in the middle of winter nothing will be open. We head to the 24 hour auto Laundromat that Francesco had told us about. Now at home we associate the people that go to Laundromats are too impoverished to be able to afford their own washing machine. We do use them from time to time while travelling though. That said, its not the place that you would expect to find a Wheat Geneticist! Scott and his partner Janice and their two visiting daughters (they are AC travellers) are in Bologna for Scott’s Sabbatical leave from the University of Colorado. We immediately found our ‘common connection’ through Scott’s previous sabbatical, which was taken in Queensland in Australia (we have lots of Wheat in Australia). They are at the Laundromat because the washing machine in their apartment doesn’t work properly. Why are we surprised? The Italians have lovely kitchen and bathroom appliances that often don’t work. In Verona we we had a beautifully renovated bathroom, complete with heating rack and an electric plug, which would not fit into the power point, made for it! Amazingly everything worked in this Laundromat and we had the pleasure of new company and connections at the same time!

The afternoon we spend looking for Francesco’s restaurant recommendations (all full or closed) and viewing the sights. We decided to walk up Bologna’s famous 5klm of Portico’s leading up to the church of San Luca at the top of the hill. The last 3klms are stairs and ramps. Finally got to the top. It was closed!

Seven churches in one at San Stefano
Walking around the University area. Bologna had the world's first university (that Giovanni had attended).
Apparently Graffiti 101 is a very popular course these days
The beginning of the walk up to St Luca through the Porticos.

Social Network Update

New connections

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